Settlement Preschools

One of many informal preschools in the Shantytown in Windhoek, Africa

Support for Informal Settlement Preschools

While we will continue to work through Rotary and write grants for education projects in Africa and the Philippines, we plan to expand effort to area which do not fit into the strict Rotary mandate. Some of these effort will include opportunities which require rapid response. Some will be trial efforts to develop evidence for Rotary Grant funding.

We have visited preschools in informal settlements (Shantytowns) outside of Windhoek. People come to the city to seek employment and a better life. We find an entrepreneurial spirit in these settlements. There are individuals who set up preschools for children for parents who go to work in the city. We would like to help these preschools provide the best opportunities for these children.

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Support for Informal Settlement Preschools

Informal Settlement in Windhoek, Africa

Windhoek Shantytown. This settlement in 10 X 15 Kilometers.

Preschool in Windhoek, Africa

Informal preschool in the Shantytown at Windhoek, Africa