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Dennis Buschman visiting a remote village in Africa

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D&D Educational Foundation is dedicated to finding and supporting local and indigenous individuals or organization that are serving disadvantaged and needy children in their community.

About Dennis & Delia

Rotarian Dennis L Buschman MD grew up in the Belgian Congo as a missionary kid, and, because of his passion for Africa, started education projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Two grants were funded for education in the DRC, DCG 52, 2015-16 and DCG 06, 2016-17.

However, due to the danger of working in the DRC, i.e. two bodies of United Nation peacekeeper were found in shallow graves 80 miles from the location we were working in and because Rotary has a travel ban for the DRC, and several additional factors, we decided not to continue working in the DRC, and search for a safer location.

He has a passion for returning to help children in Africa. He is a member of Rotary International (Rotary Club Gig Harbor, District 5020). He has completed 12 District grants and a Rotary Global Grant providing educational supplies to Africa.   Find out more about the RACHEL Project here: https://worldpossible.org

D&D Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

About Us

Delia with some Locals

Delia Buschman

Delia Buschman was born in Pangasinan Province in the Philippine Republic, immigrating to the USA at a young age.  

She has a passion for helping kids in Pangasinan, and she has used private funds to support qualified children with support for education.

Beginning in 2012 a total of 12 students have received support for school.  These include children in primary school, High School and currently three are being supported in College.

The Philippine effort will be expanded with support from Rotary Global Grants to provide support to schools.

Primary school class under a tree in Gungu DRC

Primary school class under a tree in Gungu DRC

Preschool established in Gungu DRC

Preschool established in Gungu DRC


The Rotary team for RACHEL project in Khomas District Namibia

Ready For School

Ready for School