Education Projects

Delivering the RACHEL equipment to school children

Education Projects

One of our primary projects is bringing educational materials to the disadvantaged and needy children in remote villages of Africa. The provisioning of the 'RACHEL' system (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) for these children is one of our primary activities.

RACHEL provides a battery powered WiFi hotspot containing quality educational content, and tablet computers for the children to access them.  This allows children who have no internet service to have access to thousands of educational documents for their early education.  RACHEL can wirelessly deliver free digital educational content to nearby tablets, laptops, or smartphones for students in rural villages and townships with no internet or data plans available.

We work in less developed countries , and focus in area which within these country are economical and politically disadvantaged.  In these countries rural schools lack infrastructure, qualified teachers, and learning material. This lead to limited access to early childhood education and high dropout rates. In many cases English must be learned by the children in the second or third grade, creating an additional barrier to progress.

From 2015, through 2023, Rotarian Dennis Buschman has completed 12 District Community Grants funded by Rotary with a value of approximately $110,000. These grants provided RACHEL Plus systems (A RACHEL, 30-40 tablets and/or laptops with headphones, a projector and screen to eight (8) rural farm schools in Khomas District in Namibia.


A Rotary Global Grant was funded and completed to provide training on use of the educational equipment provided in the District Grants. Two separate training sessions were held, conducted by teachers from Africa who had used the RACHEL systems for up to 12 years. The trainers came fro Sierra Leon, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. The training was three weeks in length.

In a school with a limited number of books in the library, a RACHEL provides a vast amount of information to any nearby smart device. We will continue to work with Rotary International and other organization to deliver RACHEL systems to needy schools.

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The RACHEL System Overview


The RACHEL Plus WiFi server.


Delivering the RACHEL Systems in African Schools


Delivering RACHEL systems at Baumgartsbrunn Primary School

Children at RACHEL Training Workshop

Children at RACHEL Training Workshop

Delivering RACHEL Systems at Groot Aub Primary school, Khomas District Namibia

Delivering RACHEL Systems at Groot Aub Primary school, Khomas District Namibia